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Caylus Ark: thank you all the birthday well wishers :) I know it's a belated appreciation, but I am now here to express it! Jul 24, 2019 18:37:23 GMT
sirblackiered: death to my dad tho.. sincerely. Jul 26, 2019 6:09:10 GMT
sirblackiered: i gonna call cops on him today for 3rd time Jul 26, 2019 6:09:34 GMT
sirblackiered: he threaten me and put me in clinic all the fucking time. Jul 26, 2019 6:09:48 GMT
Pink: all is well in peace and war, responsibilities can be quite a chore. I believe in syncs' for a reason, w/o them would be treason. Jul 30, 2019 1:20:45 GMT
Strange Loop: Jul 30, 2019 21:02:03 GMT
goodnight: might be a long night. Aug 6, 2019 0:58:12 GMT
John Smith: banana boat Aug 10, 2019 1:46:53 GMT
Hey: Aug 10, 2019 21:02:53 GMT
Lonely Loop: Up coming fork in my road, this time it's not my choice. Aug 11, 2019 11:33:30 GMT
Lonely Loop: Aug 11, 2019 11:33:36 GMT
huskyduh: Aug 13, 2019 22:23:59 GMT
illuminaughty: Aug 15, 2019 16:59:18 GMT
sleep walking forever husky: Aug 18, 2019 6:01:24 GMT
sleep walking forever husky: ................... Aug 18, 2019 6:03:20 GMT
read da frickten manual: Aug 18, 2019 6:04:02 GMT
Loopy_in_the_head: Get well. Set goals. Keep them. Aug 19, 2019 19:04:41 GMT
Loopy_in_the_head: Aug 19, 2019 19:05:03 GMT
sleeping panthar: zzzz. first rule for sanity: SLEEP Aug 19, 2019 20:31:59 GMT
huskyduh: Aug 21, 2019 7:50:35 GMT
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